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  • The Evolution of the Sword

    Roman Gladius (400 B.C)   Buy a full size replica of a Roman Pompeii Gladius from the Knight Shop   The Roman Gladius was a single-handed, double-bladed sword and the primary weapon of any Ancient Roman foot soldier. The Gladius sword coupled with a highly skilled and disciplined Roman soldier meant they were undefeatable, creating both a deadly weapon and a successful military reign. The sword was used amongst the Roman armies from the 4th Century BC to the 3rd Century AD! The secret behind the Roman armies’ success was their ability to adapt the gladius to any military situation, for example, they created the Spatha Sword which had a longer reach, meaning it would be perfect for battle on horseback. Another design includes the Pompeii Gladius which was developed to allow for a better slashing and stabbing technique. The Roman Gladius had a shorter blade than the cavalry Spartha...

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