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  • Armed for the Future

    Polyurethane Armour for LARP and Cosplay by Red Dragon Let’s face it, when it comes to historical armour, few things offer greater protection than steel. The downsides of weight, inflexibility and the need for constant maintenance to protect against rust are more than offset by the superb protective qualities that it offers. However, in this day and age, unless you are on the re-enactment or SCA battlefield, you simply don’t need this level of protection that steel affords. The 21st century has seen many advances in plastic technology and these materials have now made their debut upon the world of historical armour! To the eye, our range of polyurethane armours are near indistinguishable from their metallic counterparts. They are however much more comfortable to wear and can be worn for long periods of time without discomfort. Indeed, the flexible nature of this armour means that it can bend to the contours...

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