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Red Dragon Armouries

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Excl. Tax: £45.00 Incl. Tax: £54.00

Product Description


Red Dragon Weapon Sparring Gloves are at the forefront of affordable hand protection for weapons based martial arts. They were developed in conjunction with the HEMA community and contain many features only seen on gloves retailing at more than twice the price. The overlapping plastic finger plates ensure that the chance of a weapon making contact with your fingers is kept to a minimum, whilst providing maximum mobility. The combination of plastic protective plates and high impact shock absorbing foam provide a high level of protection from many types of blunt weapons typically used by martial artists. The tough microfiber outer material provides long lasting protection and a level of durability not seen in traditional synthetic leather coverings. The gloves were developed for protection against synthetic sparring weapons but are used by many for sparring with (blunt) steel weapons as well. They are without doubt the best sparring gloves in this price range by far. 

Please note that these gloves are designed for sparing with synthetic swords. Whilst most people deem them durable enough for steel sparring, the gloves will deteriorate at a faster rate as a consequence.

To see the gloves in action check out this video from Schola Gladitoria

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Red Dragon Armouries
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Not for steel longswordReview by Liam
While offering fairly good protection your fingers will get a bit bruised. Use for Light/ Careful sparing with synthetic waster (the ones you get in the starter pack here) only, use of steel/wood/black fender style nylon longsword will see your fingers battered. Fairly good manoeuvrability while wearing gloves but sometimes difficult to wear with some fencing jackets - the cuff is a bit cumbersome.
But overall a solid and cheap novice glove.
(Posted on 11/05/2017)
Short review on my blogReview by Csubissimus (Posted on 11/05/2015)
Not for Feder-sparring!Review by Gianfranco
I am not the first one to use these Red Dragon Sparring Gloves with Feders, but hopefully I will be the last! While working great for I.33 Buckler, Sabre and other systems, these gloves are not tough and protective enough for two handers.

The sheer energy of the Feder swings go straight through, especially on the fingers - which of course happened to me as it has for all others before me.

Take heed, and do not use these for Feder sparring, if you intend to do Feder sparring - buy something heavier. (Posted on 20/11/2014)
Good glove for this priceReview by Ortwin
I tested it in training and sparring today.

First ne negative aspects of the glove:

The wrist fastener ist much too small. You can't wear a Gambeson or any other thicker padded armour. Because of the Gamebeson the wirst fastener tear apart. The sewn seam wasn't strong enough.

The protections of the fingers could be improved a little bit. Maybe replace the finger protection material by the knuckle material. Than the glove would be perfect.

Now the good point.

Really nice glove. With good protection. The finder protection is also good, but could be a litte bit better ;)
In sparring i get serveral times hit with a steel sword at the back of the hand and I have no injuries. The back of the hand protection is really good.

I hope the version 2 has a larger wirst fastener and fingerprotecion made of a harder material, than it would be the best sparring glove on the market. I think this version is at this version much better than any other icehocky oder lacrosse glove. (Posted on 08/11/2014)
Very good gloves for LongswordReview by Jean-Philippe
- very good hand-protection
- light
- fair price

- poor wrist-protection (the protecting part should be longer)
- the part with "Red Dragon" is more than usless

As far as i know, those are the best gloves you can get right now. If you are really interessted in sword-fighting, these are a "must-have". (Posted on 02/10/2014)

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